Anti-rust Chemicals

Anti-rust chemicals

Rust converter: Rust converter solution converts the rust from the metal surface into a coating that prevents it from further corrosion and gives an aesthetic look.

Rust remover: Rust remover solution removes the rust from the metal surface and gives a clean and aesthetic look.

Anti-rust oil: Anti-rust oil prevents the metal surface from rusting due to atmospheric conditions.

Rust preventer: Rust preventer solution when applied, forms a protective coating on the metal surface

Rust converter

Rust converter
rust converter.jpg

Rust remover

Rust remover
Rust remover

Anti-rust Oil

Anti rust oil
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Product end results:-
Rust converter rust remover

Rust converter   Rust remover 

Rust preventer

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Ezee Release Spray

Anti-rust spray

Ezee Release spray is a combination of 5 products; Rust remover, lubricant, contact spray, cleaner, and anti-corrossion spray.

It displaces humidity, cleans, lubricates, and conserves without any grease.

Adheres to any surface, penetrates any under-creep water, rust, corrosion, grease, or dirt. Silicone, PTFE, and resin-free.