Go-spot anti-spatter spray

Anti-spatter liquid (spray) and nozzle gel

Anti-spatter chemical

Go-spot anti-spatter spray is a water based weld spatter protection liquid. It effectively prevents the spatters from sticking to the surrounding metal surfaces during welding.

A unique liquid that does not allow spatters to stick to the metal surface.

  • Water washable

  • Non-silicon, Non-flammable, Non-toxic.

  • Simple application.

  • Before welding, apply by spray/ brush/ sponge mopping.

  • Doesn't matter if the chemical dries on the surface

How does it benefit you?

  • More than 90% elimination of spatters

  • Enhances product quality as less/ no rework

  • No skilled labor required / No chipping work needed

  • Easy application and removal.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How to apply?
    Apply by brushing/ spraying/ mopping.

  • Is it an oil?
    No, it is a water-based compound.

  • Is it hazardous?
    No, it is non-toxic, nonhazardous

  • Does it form any dangerous gases while welding?
    No, it doesn't form any gases or odor during welding

  • Is it acidic?
    No, it is not acidic and can be handled without gloves.

  • Is it flammable?
    No, it is a non-flammable, water-based compound.

  • Can we use it to weld on wet surfaces?
    Yes, you can use it to weld on wet surfaces

  • Does it develop porosity or blow holes?
    No blow holes or porosity is developed.

  • Is it effective after drying?
    Yes, it is effective even after drying

  • Does it affect powder coating or painting?
    No, it gets removed in the degreaser tank before powder coating or by 3 in 1 solution.

  • Will it damage the degreaser bath?
    No, it will not damage the degreaser bath

  • How to remove it from the surface?
    Just by water mopping.

  • How it saves money?
    By saving the cost of skilled workers, grinding work and electricity use

Weld spatters are the small drops or droplets sticking to the metal surface during/ after the welding operation; which then have to be removed with a chisel. The only solution which remains is to prevent the formation of these spatters in the first place. Go-spot anti-spatter spray makes sure that the spatters formed do not stick to the metal surface, thus the surface looks clean and aesthetic even after welding is done.