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Easy black cold blackening

Cold blackening is a surface conversion process which gives your surface an aesthetic looking black finish at room temperature without changing the dimensions and detailing of the job.

Phophating chemicals

We provide a series of chemicals which work for the phosphating process at room temperature, at elevated temperatures and 3 in 1 chemicals which does degreasing, derusting and phosphating.

Anti-rust chemicals

We provide a series of anti-rust chemicals which include Rust converters, Rust removers, Anti-rust oils, and Rust preventive coatings

metal cleaning chemicals

We provide a series of metal cleaners which cleans your metal surface and gives a bright aesthetic look.

pickling chemicals

Stainless steel pickling - passivation compounds are available in gel form, or liquid form which can be used as a dip or surface spray.

anti-spatter chemical

Anti spatter chemicals prevents the spatters formed during welding operations and thus protects the metal surface from being damaged.




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