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Cold blackening is a surface conversion process which gives your surface an aesthetic looking black finish at room temperature without changing the dimensions and detailing of the job.

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We provide a series of chemicals which work for the phosphating process at room temperature, at elevated temperatures and 3 in 1 chemicals which does degreasing, derusting and phosphating.

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We provide a series of anti-rust chemicals which include Rust converters, Rust removers, Anti-rust oils, and Rust preventive coatings


We provide a series of metal cleaners which cleans your metal surface and gives a bright aesthetic look.


Stainless steel pickling - passivation compounds are available in gel form, or liquid form which can be used as a dip or surface spray.


Anti spatter chemicals, Solar Panel cleaners, Ez release spray, Disinfectants, etc.

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Nandira chemicals, established in 1989 with total 12 staff members is involved in manufacturing Metal Treatment Chemicals for various applications. We are registered SSI unit AND An ISO 9001-2000 unit We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier in the field of specialty chemicals for cleaning and degreasing applications. Our product line includes chemicals for Stainless Steel Weld joints cleaning, Stainless Steel Surface Pickling, Passivation of the job, Metal Treatment for Brass, Copper, Aluminium, and other Passivation Products.

Our products have formulations that are adequate to meet the requirements of the present times. We market our products through appointed agents. Quality is of great importance to us. Our endeavor is to maintain high-quality standards in the preferred field. The industries which we serve include Food & Pharmaceutical Equipment, Casting Manufacturing Foundries, Pipe Drainage Unit, Fasteners Manufacturing Unit, and many more which are related to S.S. & its weld joints.


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  • ▮ Refinaries.

  • ▮ Pharmasutical Companies.

  • ▮ Food, Dairy, Breavaries Units.

  • ▮ Fabrication Industries.

  • ▮ Casting Manufacturers.

  • ▮ Fastners, Springs, Heaters Unit.

  • ▮ Structural Fabricators.

  • ▮ Kitchen Sink Manufacturers.

  • ▮ Pump, Valve Manufacturers.




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