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Cold Blackening

Introducing Nandira Chemicals [ISO 9001-2000], the only manufacturer of single-step COLD BLACKENING process in India that is designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and give them an aesthetic black finish.

Cold blackening offers a safe, easy-to-use solution for converting surfaces without high temperatures or nasty fumes. Its versatile application allows for use on all low-carbon steels, nonferrous metals, and stainless steels in various pH ranges, from light to aggressive. We take pride in our product, and have been catering to the fabrication industries in India since the last 34 Years. So go ahead and check out what Cold Blackening has to offer - simple, smart protection at its finest!
Cold blackening

How to use it?

  • Pre-cleaning of jobs - Ensure that the jobs are free from RUST (if Rusted then clean by the Pre-cleaning solution we provide)

  • Dip the 'precleaned job' in the easy black solution for 15 to 20 minutes 

  • Take the 'job out', wash with water properly, if the need arises put in additional blackening solution and re-dip the same for 5 minutes again to get the required results.

  • Properly dry the 'job' and apply Anti rust oil for further protection.

Easy black cold blackening solution is India's first single-step process chemical that gives a surface converted smooth satin black finish to protect your job from corrosion as well as give it an aesthetic look.

The process works at room temperature thus avoiding any fuming or emission of hazardous gases.

The detailed application and use of the product are given below.

You can download the MSDS of cold blackening solutions from the download section of our website.

Easy black - cold blackening solution

Easy black cold blackening chemical
Blackening chemical

Benefits of black oxide coating:

  • Decorative black color - Cold blackening by Easy Black provides the required surface appearance (shiny, glossy, or matte) can be obtained. The color is stable at increased temperatures. The thickness of black oxide does not exceed 0.75 microns, half of which is added to the part dimension and the second half penetrates to the part dept.

  • Easy Black Cold blackening provides strong adhesion between the coating and the substrate -- black oxide coating does not peel from the surface.

  • Good lubrication characteristics. blackening improves anti-galling properties, in addition to this after finishing the application of oil decreases the coefficient of friction of the black oxide-coated parts.

  • Low light reflection - Cold Blackening reduces the light glare of moving parts, and hand tools coated with black oxide cause less eye fatigue.

  • No hydrogen embrittlement - Since hydrogen is not evolved in the chemical process of black oxide coating, no hydrogen diffusion in metal occurs.

  • Improvement in corrosion protection. Black oxide coating provides some corrosion protection for internally used parts.


  • This is a much cheaper process than the hot blackening one.

Easy black.png
Brass black 2.png


  1. In house work
  2. No need to do outsourcing

  3. Cost savings as no loading, unloading, or transportation required

  4. Material loss, as well as damage, can be saved


  1. Cold blackening by nandira chemicals is an easy user-friendly process

  2. No heating hence no fumes, no hazardous chemicals, and non-toxic.

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